I haven’t told you about the teenager yet. After much begging, pleading and crying last year about wanting to go to school like other kids, we enrolled her in a part-time middle school program at a charter school.  In about a week, Pia will start 8th grade, going to school 3 days a week. We thought it was a good compromise. True child-led learning means you do whatever the child wants. And this is no doubt what she wanted. But then my whole paradigm shifted. Now what to do!? We are in quite a conundrum.  She is hearing about my new “way” of homeschooling this year. She is going back and forth now on what she wants. She wants to give it a month to see how it goes and I think that is very wise of her. No one has to convince me to pull her out if that is what we think is best.

In the meantime, she has been thinking a lot about what it is that interests her and what she would like to spend her time doing.  She loves make up. She recently made some make-up of her own, of which I get to enjoy the spoils. She made a lip plumper/softener and a concealer. The start of some self-directed learning. She also read Moby Dick in it’s entirety, because her dad told her to. Okay, that’s not at all self-directed, but she loved it.

As for the boys, over the last week we all have enjoyed reading Harry Potter together, watching the movies Chasing Mavericks and Heaven is for Real. We have learned about recycling, whales, why bees are going extinct, how to escape from quicksand (because you never know when you’ll be wandering in a desert and happen upon some quicksand) and testicles (which we discovered Z was calling “sockets” and we should really tell him the real name for that body part). But the BIG project for the week was the fort the boys built with dad. They each drew up a plan with measurements. They took a trip to Lowe’s. They built it to look like a modern box, because we all wish we could live in a real one some day. For now, this will have to do.

Image 6 Image 8


Image Image 2


And they were super excited to sleep outside in it. SO excited that apparently they were wandering around the yard until the middle of the night. But really, how could I be mad at that when I woke up to this?



Next comes the paint.