Summer’s Journey

Has it really been almost a year since I last posted? Hard to believe!  I started this blog to put to words the crazy, wonderful, beautiful and even ugly moments of our adoption journey. I wanted to keep it light and humorous. But all of those moments got in the way of posting. And I wasn’t always feeling light and humorous.

We are a home schooling family. I’m somewhat of a veteran, going on 6 years and spanning experience from preschool to the end of middle school.  I’ve been on a constant search to find the key that would unlock my children’s learning potential. I’ve probably tried every curriculum out there, every multi-sensory tip and trick, and read more books and web sites than I can count. I’ve dragged the kids to learning centers, occupational therapists, co-ops, enrichment classes and charter school special ed teachers. Still, this school year ended early, in a fiery crash of tantrums, tears, confusion and fighting. And I’m not just talking about the kids! I have never worked harder than this year, yet got NOWHERE.

“Well then, stop home schooling,” you might say. The problem though, I’m discovering, is not the home part. It’s the school part. My kids do not fit into the traditional school model.  AND I’M FINALLY OKAY WITH THAT!  That’s why I’m going do the exact opposite by doing what people call Unschooling. Now don’t freak out. It’s also referred to as Child -Led Learning, Natural Learning, Democratic Learning, and Free Range Learning.  If one of those terms seems easier to swallow, then you’ll understand what I’m getting at. For now I will just say that after many weeks of dreading a new school year in my mind, the still small voice in my head said, “Unschool.”   I knew nothing about it, so I started to investigate.  It makes sense to me. Still, it seems a radical idea, which is why this blog will now serve as a starting point to process my thoughts and keep a journal of sorts.

So, The Sticky Mommy blog is changing.  I am on a new journey I wish to record for my own sake, and for anyone else who is interested in us, or the topics that surround us. Those being adoption, foster care, Jesus, home schooling, special needs and anything else related to just being a parent and a family.  Ironically, I haven’t found much information on unschooling kids like mine, so maybe I can also help someone along the way.

As summer winds down, I feel a sense of freedom from the weight I felt earlier when thinking about “Back to School.”  We aren’t going back to school.  We’ve been learning every day this summer and will just continue to do so. Let the journey continue.


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