Tread Lightly



We’re treading in teenage waters. Never has that been clearer than since we’ve started our 5th year of home school.  Suddenly our usually sweet, agreeable, cheery daughter has become grumpy, snippy and elusive.  Yesterday there were tears.  She desperately wants to go to public school.

We started home schooling three years into this, and continue to home school to bond as a family: Period.  It wasn’t so we could wear skirts and study creation, although those things may be nice. It was because we wanted to make up for the years lost as a family who didn’t raise their children from infancy and heal the ramifications of the years before us.  If only she could understand that.  But all she wants is to go to public school, because that’s what other teenagers do.

When did she start becoming independent? When did she stop buying all my rhetoric and agreeing with every thought I had? I consider us blessed that we had any time like that, considering at 6, when she came home to us, she let us know she was in charge. God willing though, she allowed herself to become a daughter and buy in to all that we did.

No matter how or when it happens, it is hard to accept when you’re child has ideas that are different from what you know is best for them. It is even harder to move them off of those ideas when they have no experience or life lessons behind them.

So for now, the conversation about school remains open and Pia strives for independence; for ideas that are hers alone. Which is probably why at lunch today she said it was a “temptation” to want to eat the dog food. We tried to sway her away from the idea, but when she insisted, J.R. told her to go ahead. She triumphantly got a piece from the garage for herself, and one for Z, who will pretty much do anything. Popping it into her mouth, she proclaimed, “It’s delicious,” with a smirk on her face. Suddenly her face turned wide-eyed with a look of horror, as she got up from the table and dashed to the bathroom. Maybe it wasn’t a good time, but we took the opportunity anyway to point out that maybe she should listen to us once in a while.  Z, well, he remained un-phased and kept on eating his lunch.


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