We’re Baa–aaack!

Ummmmm….so i’ve been on a hiatus. Of course. Right? Being a mommy is an all-consuming job. I thought I would get to writing sometime. Tomorrow. Next week. But seriously, how can it be that it’s been two years since I have blogged? We have some catching up to do! We’ve crossed into new waters. I have a teenager now. American Girl stuff is out, and Justin Bieber is in. Pia is becoming a delightful young lady, although in our case I am not certain if it’s fortunate or unfortunate she’s turning into a typical 13 year old. A is “double digits” as he calls being 10. He horseback rides and is GOING to move to Montana when he gets old enough, own his own business on one side of his ranch and have horses on the other side. Z is 8, and an ironic mix of melt-your-heart sweetness and un-contained fearless risk-taker. We’re still home schooling, but it’s summer now so there’ll be no school stuff going on here for a while. Still married, yes, 20 years this fall! Got bogged down in the day-to-day chaos of it all, but we still have many sticky, funny and not-so-funny situations going on here that I hope to write about. So while we’re in the more relaxed time of summer I’m gonna give it another try. Being a parent, an adoptive family, and a home schooling family I would hope I have some interesting nuggets to share. So…here we go!



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