Oh Boy! Toyota!

Toyota…you have a problem, in the form of my kids. My kids love to watch the news with their dad, afterall, that’s his job. So we do a lot of news watching around here. They ask questions about what they hear, and we tell them the truth about what’s going on, but in simple terms they can understand. We explained that something went wrong and people got in accidents that caused people to be killed. Well, this struck a nerve of some kind and is now of great concern to them. We have a recurring conversation in the van. It usually starts with this from Z, “Oooh…there’s a Toyota, A! Why they have a Toyota??” And, “There’s another one!” And then A chimes in like Rain Man, “Toyota’s kill people.” He even went up to a guy in the store aisle and announced, “Toyota’s are bad you didn’t know. Some people died.” So think about what this means for Toyota. Talk about a P.R. nightmare! How can they ever recover from this? I mean, we’re talking generations now who will never buy a Toyota. I’ve seen some ads with offers of huge incentives to buy one, and our joke is that they can’t even give them away. Although…if they wanted to give me one, I might take it. But then, how would I explain that to my kids?


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