Dirty Laundry

After posting a Facebook status about how much I hate folding bottom sheets, I got to thinking about our whole laundry situation. The amount of laundry we have in this house is ri-DI-culous. Who would have thought three little people could be the cause of such an enormous pile of dirty things? Before kids I could do all the laundry in a few loads on a Saturday. NOW? If I go one day without doing SOME laundry it causes a backup. And if I ever do manage to actually completely wash everything, a few hours later the pile is there again. Why do we need this many clothes? And it’s not just clothes, but then there’s all this other stuff. Coats, sheets, blankets and bath towels. Dish towels, throw rugs, kids shoes, and stuffed animals the dog has chewed. Something has to be done about this! So I’ve decided to lighten my load (pun intended). I am no longer going to fold bottom sheets. On the advice of a friend on Facebook, I am going to remove the sheets from the bed, wash them, and then return them back to the bed in which they came. I am also through sorting laundry. I will only stuff things in one Super load, no matter the color or fabric. If something doesn’t make it, we didn’t need it anyway. I will not pre-treat. If the stain doesn’t come out I will throw it in the trash. One less thing to wash. And something we’ve done all along, that I’m going to continue, is never fold the kids clothes. They each have a “clean bin” and “dirty bin.” No frustration from finding all the clothes you just folded thrown around on the floor because a kid was looking for something specific. This system is easy for them and easy for you. So, if you feel the same way, then you too should get out from under the mass of dirty laundry and free yourselves!


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