Famous People

One of the realities of adopted children is that they are often at a much younger age emotionally than chronologically. This is true for Pia, whom although she is going on 10, is still figuring out that people in books and cartoons are not actually real, and that actors are real people playing other people. Living within driving distance to Hollywood has helped these discussions, which actually started a couple years ago when somehow my kids had the impression that everyone they saw on TV was dead. So in our house we cannot watch anything without the question being asked, “Is he dead?” At first it was really annoying, but now we just laugh about it. So the other day while watching Dr. Doolittle, the old one with Rex Harrison (the same actor that’s in My Fair Lady, a truly amazing fact in our household now), the inevitable discussion about who was dead came up. Pia must have already had this conversation with her dad, because after I said I did not know if Rex Harrison was dead, she informed me that another character on the screen indeed WAS dead and that her dad had told her this fact. When I questioned how he knew, I had to laugh when she pointed her finger at me and said, “Well, I don’t know mom…..you have to go and look online….on famous people.com.” Okay then. I think she’s got it!


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