Why Mom’s Are Late

Today I learned that you NEVER try to leave for an appointment with no time to spare because there’s no doubt someone will drop a miniscule item on the way into the car, such as a tiny Transformer arm, and then not be able to find it.  It will somehow disappear into an abyss and the child will have a mental breakdown if he isn’t allowed to find it before we leave, refusing to get in the car. He will instead insist on continuing to look for the item despite desperate pleas to just get in the car, or reasoning that we are going to be late and can look for it later. He will completely tune you out, while his search will include having to go back into the house to retrace all of his steps in case he actually dropped it on the way to the car.  He will appear as though his very life depended on him finding this piece, until finally I’m crawling on the floor of the van looking for it myself!


2 thoughts on “Why Mom’s Are Late

  1. The lost transformer arm (or, in my case, the clone wars guy’s lost lightsaber) only happens when you have no time to spare. If you leave with plenty of time to spare, then you end up getting there WAAAAAY early and the kids all complain that they’ve got there too early and proceed to beat each other up in the waiting rooms. Such is life.

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