I Am “The Stuff Holder”

When I decided to become a mom, I had no idea I had also signed up to be everyone’s “stuff holder.”  It didn’t happen immediately, but more a gradual thing.  Like today in church, as my husband handed me his bulletin to hold, when I already had my own bulletin, I very willingly took it.  Then, as if I had had a severe allergic reaction to it, I swiftly chucked it back at him saying, “I don’t want this! And when did I become the “stuff holder” for everybody?”  Everywhere we go, my kids insist on bringing nonsense items, toys, gadgets, and seemingly important documents from their inane activities throughout the day, and inevitably they end up handing them to ME when something far more exciting or interesting captures their interest.  And I’m just as much to blame…I take whatever it is and dutifully jam it in my purse, until finally my large black sack of leather is weighing down one side of me as though I have some kind of spinal injury. Well, today I declare I am no longer the “stuff holder!” No more will I accept Matchbox cars, flimsy Sunday school crafts, and already chewed gum.  No more used Kleenex’s, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys and American Girl doll accessories.  I’m done…finished, that’s it….so kid’s, don’t even think about handing me those Lego’s!


3 thoughts on “I Am “The Stuff Holder”

  1. I completely understand what you are talking about. My step daughter did he same thing with me this summer, and she’s 18! Plus, my husband hands me stuff all the time when were out…not only am I the “stuff holder” in that I am to hold their stuff, I am also expected to have everything in my purse incase someone needs it….gum, mints, asprin, bandaids…you name it.

  2. Yeah. Good luck with that. I’ve discovered that if I don’t become the stuff holder, then I become the telling-you-to-pick-that-upper, and then ultimately, the picker-upper. Actually, I’m all three.

  3. Hey, I’m not even a mom yet a definite “stuff holder”. I’ve even been your kid’s “stuff holder”. hah! Seems to become your purpose eventually, huh? haha! the things is…I don’t do it! I say you brought it you carry it. thats that!

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